Customer Care

While the cost to acquire new customer is huge, retaining existing customers is always the wise strategy as it not only helps increasing sales and profit but improving customer satisfaction, resulting in increased loyalty and supports from them.



You make sales promotions, updated product information through leaflets and websites ... all to encourage customers to choose you instead other suppliers. Base’s service helps your information delivered to the clients precisely by making sure the contact data is updated regularly. Through capturing purchasing habits and regular consumption of products for every customer, personalized promotion information and other assistance are transmitted together to ensure high efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Agents are trained for customer care specialization
  • Customer profile are managed and updated so call treatments are done accordingly in Call Center
  • Agents can have all customer aspects view
  • Call purpose are designed in details reflecting historical transactions
  • Each calls are set with clear objectives, expected result and accurate call script


  • Customer information are regularly updated to ensure corporate information transferred to them are accurate and efficient
  • Responses are immediately updated helping corporate to solve customer’s problems quickly and build long term strategy
  • Better capturing customer procurement needs, buying habits to help businesses increase sales per customer, improving customer satisfaction

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