Leads Generation

Your marketing department has launched a promotion program with dramatic, attractiveadvertisement in news paper and online news. You need a team to call out to potential customersfor the program as well as receive the calls for orders or information clarification.


Our agents are trained to handle every call as sales opportunity, using appropriate scripts designed by our sales expert to successfully close the sales and add in the incremental revenue. Our Lead management system help updates and keep track all opportunities so your sales team can work on it instantly to ensure high conversion rate


  • Our sales expert team will work closely with you to deeply understand the goals and objective of the programs, campaigns to build the scripts, training contents, communication process between Base and your team to ensure the success of the campaigns
  • Lead management system is optimized and kept updated to build the agile sales system


  • The campaign is kick-start quickly; leverage the best practices to ensure the success
  • Base team and your team can immediately work closely following the pre-defined process quickly and efficiently
  • Increasing the sales conversion rate and revenue per call

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