Phone Ordering

Your business is expanding with more stores and you want to provide more convenient services to customers including web-based and phone order taking services? We have the capacity and capability to handle any call volume and any size of product catalog.


We offer real-time credit card processing and inventory tracking to maintain a seamless sales channel. Our Contact Center is staffed with the friendliest and most reassuring human beings for your customers to hear a friendly, human voice reassuring you that your order has been correctly placed


  • Intelligent routing: It is always important to know who is calling, who will process the order, how It will be delivered and
  • Comprehensive reporting:
    Accurate and thorough order captures of all your client information
    Decreased average call and wait times with 24 hour support


  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty through quality call handling
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to increase your average order value

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